When Easter looks different

Well I totally blew Lent.  Sort of.  No real giving up of anything, but I can tell you that my prayer life truly ramped up.  Surrounding myself with podcasts that were edifying to my faith.  Meditation on my commute.  Increased conversations with various Saints who intercede for us regularly.  Not the way I planned it, however, there was a noticeable internal change.

And while I’ve had many Lenten seasons and Easters that were more intentional I don’t know that I’ve ever had Easter Mass take root in my soul quite like it did today.  Maybe because my Lent fell so short (in my eyes), but there was a distinctive period of time during Mass that I physically felt in my heart the promise of hope.  An experience of that hope spilling over from my heart into every fiber of my body.  A complete trusting in that hope that regardless of what trials await us in this life, that He is there.  We are not alone.  And our hope lies in Him.

Because He was obedient from Gethsemane to Calvary.  Because He loved us.  Because He died. Because He rose again.  We have hope.

Hope that the prodigal son returns heart and soul back to his family.

Hope that His plan is so much better than our wildest dream.

Hope that middle schoolers who struggle with LIFE and growing up will find their hope.

Hope that we can all be as graceful when life is ending differently than we’d hope.

Hope that babies born too soon will be home with families who are eagerly awaiting.

Hope that those who went before us will joyfully greet us at the gates of Heaven.

Hope that when we second guess our decisions that He will encourage us.

Hope that when we can’t see the forest through the trees, He will guide us.

Hope that even in the darkest night, the sun will rise again.

Without Christ’s sacrifice for US, we could never have hope in HIM.

Praying that whatever your cross looks like, that you can find your hope at the Cross with the One who death could not hold, the One who can walk you through anything to the blessing that awaits on the other side.


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