Ginger-peek in 7 Quick Takes

This life with gingers….being one, having 4….it’s a good life and with my blog change to GINGERLOCITY, I thought I’d throw in some thoughts on that as I join in with Kelly and crew (who by the way have EVERYthing to do with the slow resurrection of blogging on my end!).  Which, is her topic this week and while I will admit to blogging as my journal and meeting some super people as a result, (Hi, Pat, Maria, Kelly, Haley, Christy, Mary, Micaela, Rachel, Lisa and Marianne—and too early to remember other names right now…I’m blogging for time here—but you are welcome for all the linky love!) I don’t blog regularly enough and seriously enough to work on the other aspects, but I am a believer.

  1. Our family of gingers is growing up and family dinners are few and far between these days.  We’ve always had family dinner, however, with work, school, extracurriculars, it’s just tough to get ’em all here at the same time/day.  As a rule–but flexible if need be, we look to Sunday nights as family dinner and sometimes (yesterday, I’m looking at you) it happens mid-week and spontaneously with pizza and banter and life… is good.
  2. 18 is hard.  Our kids are good, but man…..18.  Spreading those forming wings and under-formed frontal lobes of reason and LAWDYYYYYYY…..we are pulling in the intercession of all the saints.  and friends.  It’s good.  Don’t get me wrong.  But standing back and letting natural consequences take over.  Phew.  Pope Francis picked a good year for Mercy.  Truth.
  3. 16 is fun.  And frustrating as the multi-tasking skills are honed.  Getting there, but when one is enjoying all that high school life has to offer (as one does and should) it gets a little tricky to juggle.  Work in progress.  Life skillz, yo.
  4. 14 is beautiful.  Heartwrenching and amazing.  Middle school and the verge of high school brings drama of it’s own, but add in a little dose of depression and it’s interesting.  Counseling is a gift, people.  A.  Gift.  14 is watching the butterfly break from her cocoon and wanting to protect her from the pain of stretching those beautiful new wings and to encourage her to spread them wide and strong and find the joy in the change.  Oh the places you will go!
  5. 12 (almost-13) is a bittersweet as one still enjoys the “baby-dom” but is no longer a baby.  Contact lenses, fashion, silliness, learning to control anger responses.  Again.  Counseling is a gift.  A gift worth every precious penny.  Every.  Single.  One.  12 is finding her way and preparing to make different choices than every other sibling and to own those choices in the head-strong and beautiful way that one does.  Rock on, sister….you will own the world one day!!
  6. Gingers come with tempers.  We are all working on those.  Tones.  Body language.  Communication.   Life skillz.  Not reserved for gingers alone.
  7. Gingers come with interupptions.  Such as throwing in a couple of quick stitches in a sleeve RIIIIIIIIIGHT before one’s ride for school arrives. While your mom is trying to blog.   Working on timing here.  And planning ahead.  If you guessed 16, you are right.  But again.  Not reserved for just ginger families.  Or 16 year olds.

Blessings to you all this week and weekend ahead!!


2 thoughts on “Ginger-peek in 7 Quick Takes

  1. Ah! Are you seeing a pattern? Wait til 20 and 22. And then 24. It gets more and more delightful past that, too. In short — boy do we love our kiddos, right?

    Thanks for the bloggy love!


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