My political rant

Whiskey. Tango.  Foxtrot, America?  For real.  Help me understand.

I am not a political person.  I hated civics and American government.  It’s slightly embarrasing now, but really, just not my thing.  But I do pay attention now and can make informed decisions when it is time to vote, but debates, caucuses all that just bore me to tears.  I’ll tell you why.  In my gut, I feel very few and far between do we ever really hear the truth, but more what “we” want to hear.  It’s a show.  It’s a song and dance.  And it is disgusting.  I won’t debate with you on points; I will lose.  These are my opinions.  I’m allowed to have them.

When I see a country that has bent over backwards this last decade to be politically correct in every way with some good and some ridiculous as a result, I am positively aghast that Trump has gained so much support.  He is freaking winning.  So, really….who was driving the whole politically correct stuff anyway?  I mean if we have a majority of people in multiple states supporting the guy who is anti-politically correct in his actions and speech, has lowered the moral bar to the mud, openly ridicules and humiliates for ratings and arrogantly promises vague plans to make our country great again…..well, I just don’t even know what that means.  But there they are, waving flags, posters, etc…. young, old, veterans, hipsters.

The best I can understand is that we live in a country that is A-ok with:

  • womanizing and multiple marriages
    • with the US divorce rate actually declining, it’s still a trend that doesn’t raise the eyebrow it used to
  • denouncing a war hero because his definition of war hero is different
    • we all rationalize our beliefs so this is someone who gives us further approval on letting us all rationalize, berate and name-call based on our beliefs, if we are ok with it, it’s ok
  • arrogance is good and bullying—meh, not so bad
    • he did come back from $900 million in the red in the 90’s to currently in-the-black billions.  Does it really matter if all of his workers were documented?

I’m not a researcher.  I do see that people are fed up with the lies.  Lies we are continually fed by politicians:  local, state national and the liberal media that feeds us the hysteria.  People see a man so crass and ridiculous that he clearly is speaking a “truth” the people so desperately want to hear.  I just say beware.  As of right now, if the trend continues, I think that for the first time since I was 18 and able to vote, I will abstain; any vote right now is a vote thrown away.  In my opinion.


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