The flu: part deux

As my last Friday’s Quick Take rundown, you might be aware that we had the flu run through our house, taking down 1/2 the family.  There is NEVER a good time to be sick.  EVER. But then.  The glorious weekend came and brought with it sunshine, a good scrub for the house, people dressed and up and showered and all was well and joyful.

Then came Sunday.  Our sweet younger priest who is still working on his homily skills—as in, wrapping that puppy up in less than 20 minutes–performed Mass.

I could have lived with that but then we also have an RCIA program that is terribly drawn out and I truly want to be joyful in the whole experience but it is a process that is repeated several times throughout the year during our Mass.  Sunday was that day.  Again.

For the icing, my nose started to run and I could tell I started a fever.  I did not shake hands at the sign of the peace, nor did I take the precious blood and I hightailed it to the car as fast as I could after Mass.  Right home to bed.  Until 5.  And then back at 7.

Tested positive for the flu (despite the flu shot) on Monday afternoon at our urgent care and have been quietly convalescing and watching Netflix for 3 days.The house didn’t fall down.  People ate.  People showered.  People slept.  Went to school.  Work.    Life.

Today I wiped down the bathrooms.  Washed the sheets again.  Dusted.  Walked the dog.

Lord, have mercy for these 3 days of rest.  It felt great. Now, just praying fervently the last two don’t get hit.


Don’t feel too bad for me, this dude kept me company


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