The Flu in 7 Quick Takes

Joining in with Kelly and the crew and to challenge myself to see if I can blog it real quick in 10 minutes…….before starting my day…..3,2,1, GO!

  1. 12747606_1661070540822925_27145622_n

    The calm before the flu…….

    One week ago today, our oldest became a recipient of the flu.  Full-blown, high fever, cough, the whole 9 and Hubs took him to the urgent care since I was at work until 10.  This was a big deal because: a) we haven’t had a full on flu in the house since…..years.  b)Hubs defers to me for matters of medical.  So thankful for a spouse and partner who will do whatever needs to be done, even if it is out of his comfort zone.

  2. 2 days of Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Tamiflu, Gatorade, Lysol and hand washing galore.  And then the Hubs went down.  So thankful for modern medicine and the ability to purchase it.
  3. And then the oldest daughter went down.  So thankful she was with Dad who was able to muster enough sense to write down the day’s meds and doses for reference during the flu fogginess.
  4. All week, our counter resembled a personalized pharmacy. So thankful for our a nearby grocery store for quick runs to refill whatever is low.
  5. On Sunday, I was able to visualize where this was potentially going.  The flu is SERIOUSLY contagious and I am the only one with the flu shot on board (due to work).  I cooked up 4 huge meals for the week.  With 2 overtime shifts ahead of me and with potential for more to fall, I figured that would be hugely helpful.  So thankful for listening to the Holy Spirit who definitely guided that effort because cooking for 2 hours was not on MY agenda.
  6. It was.  I am absolutely getting back into that habit.  What a treat to come home to dinner already made and limited dishes to wash while checking fevers and med intakes.  One less HUGE stressor.  Thankful for modern refrigeration, my stove and pre-cooked meals at the end of a long day.
  7. Today, gloriously……the oldest is back to work for 2 days now–he even jumped in as taxi-driver when our youngest daughter had a eye appointment and our youngest son had a track meet. On the same night.  At the same time.  While I was at work and Hubs was still incoherent.
  8. (and extra…..)  Yesterday:  The Hubs and our daughter were vertical AND ran errands.  Our youngest son and daughter #fingerscrossed seem somewhat safe—-Lord, don’t let  me have jinxed myself.  I am nursing a sore throat…….but since there is a TON of pollen in the air, I am hoping it is an allergy brewing due to our jacked up winter.  So thankful.  Even in the midst of the flu.

Happy Friday.  Fingers crossed the healing trend continues and we will be at our church’s fish dinner tonight and stations of the cross.  For the rest of you……wash your hands!!!!  And go visit Kelly, get your shamrock and see what everyone else is up to!




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