Lent. Thus far..

Here we are.  Speeding through Lent.  How are we two weeks in already?  HOW?!?

I want to tell you what amazing growth I’m having so far, but I’m afraid it will be in hindsight.  Right now I feel some weeks I’m barely keeping my head above water. Work, family, now a little bout of the flu working it’s way through the house.  It takes some serious effort to focus on Lent.

Here’s what little I’ve managed so far:

  • I’ve removed Facebook and messenger from my iPhone as my fasting (but not from my laptop) and have installed Relevant radio instead.
  • My podcasts are definitely feeding me on my commute.
  • Myfitnesspal is helping me to be mindful of what I am eating and my Fitbit is keeping me moving.

In some odd little way, it’s working for me.  Helping me to find some balance.  Some peace.  Tidbit by tidbit.

One day at a time, but there is something about being mindful and present.  Simple.  Important.  Working.


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