Sunday Play Day


After a very busy couple of weeks killing it in overtime (baaaaaaaad mistake on my part….won’t be signing up for that much again if I can help it!) and a busy day of chores, shopping with my girl and tag-teaming a flu-kid with the Hubs it was WAY too nice to stay in the house today.

Flu-kid was well enough to hang alone and 2 were occupied with friends so the Hubs and I took our oldest girl and the pup to the dog beach.  He hates the water so far.  But to be fair, the day was beautiful but oh heck-to-the-no is the water ready to be dipping toes in.  So I don’t blame him on that one.  But Hubs took out the paddleboard and my girl and I enjoyed some sand in the toes with the pup.  Good stuff.

Hoping this awesomeness carries us through the week!


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