Sunday giggles


Post Eucharist and I was fighting a serious hysterical case of the giggles. On the verge of what I generally experience during stressful times and funerals.  Not pretty but blessedly, I was able to bring it under control quickly.  It was a mixture of joy and the humor that God must find in me on the daily but through my daughter.  Sunday Mass attendance is rarely smooth going, of course anytime we attempt ANYTHING to glorify God there is one who will use EVERY possible avenue to stop, destruct or sap the joy out of whatever we are doing.  Believe it.  I can’t make you, but all you have to do is look back and see that it is true.

The humor I found after the Eucharist was of the defeat of the one who tried to destroy our morning through a double whammy of hormones, the blessing of 6 new catechumenates entering the church followed by Mass with our sweet, but long-winded homilist who also chose the long Eucharistic prayer.  The defeat came in the form of our 14 year old who was about to lose her mind not only sitting in Mass when she’d rather be sleeping, but sitting through a much extended Mass and she refused to leave to get donuts/bagels (hangry girl didn’t eat before Mass), but she REFUSED to leave until after the final blessing.  Even though this girl is waging her own faith battle she KNOWS to her fiber that there is grace in the Eucharist and that final blessing is the send-off into the world.  Until the next Mass.  So.  There is one who used allllllll the tricks yesterday morning to destroy our peace, and for a little bit almost succeeded, but that seed……it’s planted deep.  Just when I was offering it up to Jesus, He gave me a glimpse of the defeat and I laughed for joy and for glory.  And He laughed with me.

The war still wages, but that battle was a win.


One thought on “Sunday giggles

  1. This has me laughing and crying! So true, the evil one tries so many times, so many ways. I love when God gives me those glimpses. What a gift to recognize the battle and see the victory! Fight on sister! 😀🙏


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