My counter culture dissected in 7 Quick Takes

Bonnie, at A Knotted Life grammed a fun little ditty called #onmycounterculture this week and it’s been a fun follow to sneak a peak into other people’s lives.  Our “mess” really does speak volumes about our life.  With that, I am taking my counter pic to the blog for Kelly’s 7 Quick takes (where she shares Groupon’s nose sharing clip…..seriously?).  Because, well, these are the things I do when procrastinating on grocery shopping and laundry and bills on a chilly Saturday morning.


  1. I’ve really set up this counter as a coffee station because errrrrrr day starts with coffee and my daily Readings in my comfy chair and inevitably the dog curled up in my lap.  It’s a good start to the day.  But THIS coffee maker has a stainless steel pot which won’t break like my glass one did on Christmas Eve.
  2. Once upon a time this was a much loved Pier One set of 6 vibrant and different colored stacking mugs.  I loved the size for coffee (I DO love my coffee), but also great for ice cream, trail mix, soup, cereal. Fun for the whole family.  Until they started breaking.  One by sad-face one.  Now there are two.  Joined by 4 brown Aldi mugs.  Also a great size, just not as pretty.  C’est la vie.  Just mugs right?
  3. I used Haley’s code for an ePantry trial on cleaning products.  Received a caddy full of Method cleaning products and tissues (cuz ’tis the season for colds).  In all honesty, it was a fantastic deal, really.  But, they delayed shipment (and gave me a $6 credit) and then FedEx(?) delivered my box to somewhere in MD (so they gave me a $10 credit).  So.  Rocky start, and I don’t know if I need a monthly delivery, but I have a credit and I do like their products so we shall see………………
  4. Youth group calendar “to-do” on the dry erase calendar, because FEBRUARY.  WHAT HAPPENED TO JANUARY?!?!?!?
  5. Our Christmas card from last year since we didn’t do one this year.  I love our family card all year long, so I swap it out each year!  This one gets a 2-year run.
  6. Gifts from my sister:  A sister candle and a monkey that collects loose change and a thumb rosary for quick prayers!  I love her!!
  7. Essential oils sampler from my BFF because (see 3) ’tis the season for colds and I want to breathe.  Time to move these to my bathroom!!!

Aiight people, it’s time to get moving.  Happy Weekending, 7 Quick Taking, and Resting!!



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