Sunday rest day


OK.  I stole this image from my mom (thanks, Mom).  If you live on the East Coast, you are probably familiar with some aspect of this white stuff—not so much here in central Florida, but it was cold.  By Florida standards anyway.  Low 50s and enjoying my boots all weekend, heat on, sweaters, chicken soup….the whole 9 yards.  My mom and her hubby’s Newfies, Elvis and Dexter were clearly all in up in their element.  Although, they look pretty miserable in this picture.

I want you to know that if you were one of the maaaaaaaaaany digging out today, I did offer up Mass for you.  I knew being snowed in was likely going to really affect Mass attendance for many, but also because I can’t even fathom it.  Really.  My Hubs would like to buy a little place in New Hampshire and move in a few years, but I really think that although it’s on the long-term plan, I will just go visit.  Summer, fall.   I just don’t think I could winter it.  Wimpy.  Yes, I am.  I enjoy snow skiing with lots of warm clothes on, hot chocolate after and a hot tub.  Visiting my mom and her hubby during winter.  It’s fun.  From inside the house with coffee.  Lots of coffee.

So.  I really did think and pray at Mass because the people who spent all day digging and plowing.  First responders.  Those stuck on the freeways.  Mind blowing.  And scary.  But I can pray.  So I did.

Then we went to 5 Guys for lunch and did some errand shopping and came home and napped.  All without a plow or snow shovel and it was good.

Stay warm, people and stay safe.  Somehow I think winter is just getting started.


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