7 Quick Takes….2 weeks in a row!

So, Kelly says just keep doing it and if 7 quick takes gets me slowly back in the blogging saddle, then I’m in.  Plus…what a great weekend with all this North east snow, there is a captive audience.  Of course, here in central Florida, this weekend is off to a chilly start of 48F for the high, cloudy and windy.  I’m WAY over my caffeine intake today so I am rolling with the benefits and jumping on to blog my week while the energy level is high!

  1. After a lovely time in Tampa last week, this week I came down with a cold.  Sharing with 1/2 the family.  Therefore, after blogging, today’s agenda is bleaching the hell out of the bathrooms, finishing laundry and defrosting the chicken for homemade chicken soup tomorrow night for family dinner.  (Mama and Papa have plans tonight yo!)  Colds are annoying and stupid and make me grumpy.  Time to shake it off.
  2. My new routine for my short commute is listening to my podcasts to and from work.  It’s only a 20-30 min drive, but it’s good stuff.  As I make my way through catching up on my regulars, I’m sure to be branching out and listening to new podcasts.  For someone who prefers quiet in the car it’s actually been a good change.  If I get my act together, I’ll add a page of my favorite podcasts with links if you’re interested.  For now, you can scroll through my last week’s quick takes, but don’t forget to check out Haley and Christy, too…..I left them out because I was caught up on them!
  3. Even with this nasty cold rocking out, I have put my Fitbit back on this week.  My job has an annual “Get Fit” competition company-wide which is a fun motivator.  The puppy is getting better on the leash and is now a decent walking partner and with our weekly yoga, there are steps to be had!  Mainly, I am just shooting for a decent score for my annual blood work in March.  Good blood work and all my points mean money back at the end of the year right at Christmas (insurance reimbursement).  Another good motivator, right????
  4. Young living essential oils.  There has been so much on these oils over the last couple years.  I’ve been standoffish on these.  They seem a little more crunchy than I roll, however, my BFF is now using and selling them and educating me on them, so perhaps I’ll come around.  She’s very charistmatic and could probably sell me sand, but I am honestly going from skeptical to intrigued.  I’ll keep you posted.
  5. I managed to get the grocery shopping done this a.m. and I also chopped up all the veggies into crudites for snacking.  So much easier to eat that way when they are already prepared, right?  And stocked the fruit drawer.  And yet, I sit here ready to bake something yummy.  The only thing stopping me?  I have no sense of taste yet.  Winning?!?  I don’t know.  Brownies.  Mmmmmm
  6. Our youngest son got his driver’s license yesterday.  Even though he’s been driving all year, night and day, rain and shine, his parking sucked.  Hard.  Since most places have angled parking, it didn’t really occur to me that the parking test would have perpendicular parking until this week.  (blessedly, they have removed parallel from the test….we have so little of it in our state….but we WILL work on that because sometimes you DO PP)  In our true procrastinating fashion (he takes after me in this, not his father—poor kid), 2 nights before his test Dad took him out to practice 3 point turns and reverse driving with some perpendicular parking.  The night before we spent an hour at CVS in their parking lot.  Right parking.  Right parking.  Right parking.  Right parking.  The morning of his test, we got to my office early and I let him loose in the back parking lot for about 45 minutes practicing, practicing, practicing.  End result.  PASS.  We have another driver.  yay.  ish.
  7. I had a little meldown after work yesterday because our son wanted to drive himself to his concert and go to fro-yo afterward.  The Hubs calmed me down and let me know that he had already taken his solo drive to visit friends for about 15 minutes between his rehearsal and concert.  So he went.  And did fine.  Today he took his girlfriend for lunch.  And to which another conversation was revisited…you know…THE TALK.  Revisited.  and life goes on.

So, that’s my week in a nutshell of 7.  I’m off to continue the laundry and bleaching.  Don’t hate.  Happy weekend!!!  Stay warm and keep those snow pictures coming because that’s how I like to enjoy snow.  From my phone or computer.  Or on vacation skiing.  Other than that, give me flip-flops and shorts.

Here’s a puppy snuggle for you to keep you warm in the meantime.






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