The more you know….

You realize you know absolutely nothing.

Hello.  From the other side.  Of the not blogging side, that is.  Now that I have that ear worm started…..hello, it’s me.

My lack of blogging is brought to you by this season of life with teenagers and tweenagers.  And work.  And marriage.  And life.

Fortunately, I am not being paid to blog, so my family is not suffering in the least.

I do miss blogging, but there’s that whole balance thing and I’m working on that so blogging took a back seat.  Like way back.  Roof rack, kind of back seat.

However, this weekend, I am at an All-State band conference with  our 16 yo son, who plays French Horn.  So, Mama has some free time on her hands.  And thanks to El Crappo the weather, I am in my hotel room avoiding the roads until his lunch break.  Can’t lie, this downtime is SWEET!!

My goal:  A little mini-series about a look at parenting in our family.  In this season. This is NOT intended for any advice by ANY stretch of the imagination……but to give a little hope for anyone else who may be experiencing something similar.   Lately it seems we have gone through some STUFF and I realize we are not the only one with “stuff” and sometimes, just sometimes, it is comforting to know other people go through stuff and live!!!  Yes, we come out on the other side.  And when you are deep in the thick of it, sometimes you just need that little sliver to grasp on to.  After several conversations with several friends this was spoken out loud and I SOOOOOOOO know this…..the more we know, the more we realize we don’t know JACK.

It’s difficult to blog about your big kids.  They might actually read this.  So it’s tough to put it out there.  So, I won’t name names and I may speak in the hypothetical, but be assured….it’s all real.

So, kick back and grasp onto that sliver of hope.  You are not alone.  The only way out is through it.


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