7 Quick Takes…

What?  I know, crazy.  Joining in with Kelly et al for a 7QTF after a loooooooong absence.

Brought to you by completely NOT following any of Kelly’s internet cleanse advice this week, because I have a few days away and lots of free time!

These quick takes brought to you by a long weekend in Tampa with our 16 year old band kid!  So here we go………………..

  1. Possibly trying to resurrect my blog with all this free time.  I’ve already posted once today (this will be a double header…wth?!?!?) and have 2 scheduled to post.  We’ll see where it goes, but here’s to changing seasons in life and parenting!
  2. Speaking of my blog….my old blog, MakingTheTrek and now my new blog Gingerlocity…..I just can’t decide which way  I want to go.  Keep the old and freshen it up or stick with the new and commit to getting it where I want it to be—an encouraging place that’s a little catchy and fun and always real.  So.  I don’t know.  Thoughts?
  3. This “weekend” started on Wednesday.  Cutting across the state with our 16 yo son chauffering and getting lots of interstate practice.  Dad paved the way and broke him in, Mama let him get some hours under his belt.  Happy to report all went well.  Then some outlet shopping (very successful) and a night at my girlfriend’s house catching up with her and her family and enjoying as our son picked their brains on everything from track, nutrition, organization, time management skills, hot dogs and med school and an awesome vegan cookbook (not for little eyes, but the food…..OH MY GOODNESS.  Just sharpie out the cuss words–#worthit)!  They are so gracious and fun and it was a visit that reminds me why I love my friends forever!!
  4. The conference consists of the kids in rehearsal for 6+hours a day (with a lunch and/or dinner break) so there is a lot of downtime.  In between rehearsals I have the privilege of spending quality one-on-one time with our boy:  chatting, exploring, cutting up.  Yesterday, involved mostly getting checked in our hotel, rehearsal and orienting myself to the city again (I am EXTREMELY directionally challenged….this was a day long deal).  And lots of walking.  Lots.  and Lots.  and Lots.  Really wish I had my Fitbit on because today I am 9300 steps and it is only 3p.m. and it’s rained most of the day.  IT’S AWESOME!!!!!
  5. This morning brought lots o’ rain.  So incredibly grateful for garage parking, umbrellas, wifi and comfort with where the heck I am going. And breakfast at Moxie’s.  Really quite tasty.  We’ve eaten there on our last trip and the coffee was amazing and the breakfast super delish and filling.  It did not disappoint on our return visit.
  6. This afternoon we had a great stroll on the Riverwalk after our Jimmy John’s sub followed by more quiet time, blogging and reading at the hotel.  BLISS.  I am actually quite introverted and these days are charging my soul.  Truly.
  7. Internet usage though….THROUGH THE ROOF:  Twitter.  Facebook.  Insta.  Snapchatting with my girls.  Podcasts:    Catching up with Greg and Jennifer, Mac and Katherine, Maria and the gang and Dave.  Life is good y’all.  Life is good.

So.  Thanks for letting me jump back in and I look forward to any suggestions on a good direction for my blog while I pray through it.  Peace!!



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