The year without a Christmas card

While I would love to say that “I” absolutely rocked this Advent and Christmas season, that, my friends, would be a full-on LIE.  However, I will say that several things coincided to truly make this one of the most relaxed and peaceful Advent seasons in recent memory:

  • The girls and I skipped The Nutcracker.  This was a little bit of a bummer on my part because we have such a nice night with dinner followed by the ballet.  Last year, however, they didn’t enjoy the show as much and weren’t super excited about it, so we skipped it.  Maybe next year we will go to another company to see it, maybe not, but this year… was ok and next year will take care of itself.
  • We skipped out on our annual baking extravaganza/sharing.  Now, we did NOT skip out on the peanut butter buckeyes, but we did on everything else.  It gave me an entire day back and it was GREAT!!!
  • We opted out on the annual Christmas card.  This was the hardest for me, because I love the annual progression and change of the kids from year to year and I love to share that with friends and family as well as receive their cards.  As October/November came and went and the kids were increasingly difficult to pin down as to a “photo shoot” opportunity, I came to peace with the fact that it wasn’t worth the stress and aggravation of 45 minutes of posing, location, outfits, etc etc.  Besides, since we’ve been on the Dave Ramsey train for 3 months now, Dave would be proud that we cut out that Christmas expense.  I have a different plan for next year though, so have no fear (if you are on our list) we will return to mailboxes post-Thanksgiving.right on schedule.
  • Lastly, I would like to give HUGE props to Christmas and New Year for falling on Friday this year.  Those 4 day work weeks.  2 in a row.  So amazing for the recovery from all the holiday-ing and celebrating.

Now, we move on to 2016.

Our kids all had plans on New Year’s Eve so the hubs and I enjoyed a fantastic early dinner out (beat the reservation crowds) and movie in.

Took down all the decorations (sorry, couldn’t wait until Epiphany).

Wiped the calendar down, budget reviewed and exercise and healthy eating plan in motion.  (I said we opted out of baking, I did NOT say we opted out of enjoying a ridiculous amount of yummy food).

So.  2016.  Coming for you!!

After we replace the hot water heater because what’s a new year without a nice big repair, right?


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