Encourage one another

One of the things I love about technology is the ability to find encouragement and inspiration is only a mouse click away.  My long time favorite podcast that always fills me with inspiration and encouragement, Among Women by Pat Gohn, never disappoints.  This morning as I slogged out my 40 minute walk in the 80-something degree humidity that is Central Florida, Pat was right there with me.  This particular episode was about praying with children.  I almost didn’t listen because my children are so much older now, I felt that “well, we’ve laid the foundation, now we let those seeds grow”, what more is there?  I’m here to tell you, I am glad I stayed!!!  If you have children I highly recommend this podcast for some really practical ideas on weaving Jesus into the everyday.   Click here to listen Among Women  However, for me, this podcast turned into a faith battle.  If you ever doubted the “battle for souls” between Christ and satan, doubt no more.

We all know that satan is ever lurking for an “in” and I must say that he was weaving his way into my head as this podcast progressed.  Mocking me because currently our oldest (18) has his back to Christ.  So if faith is “caught, not taught”, what does that say about my example?   I began to mentally dress myself down because I had not done enough with my children when they were younger to center their hearts on Christ.  I re-played various scenes from Mass when my boys would wrestle in the pew while I took the girls to the restroom prior to Mass starting.  Or the time we walked out of Mass because of a total and complete multi-child meltdown and one of the said “melters” broke a prayer candle in the outside grotto area.   And so on and so on, as the mind will do when being played like a fiddle by the one who thrives in negativity.

This was not to be a battle lost today, because a huge win took place , when those negative scenes were replaced and my heart began to re-play an opposing view: The Truth.  A daily Rosary CD on the way to school in the mornings the whole first year we moved home and every other weekend when we traveled, weekly Mass in spite of pew wrestling and squirmy, not-so-quiet children, weekly Rosary as the kids grew older, continued weekly Mass and sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation, and now participation in various church ministries.  Nightmares expelled by “Our Father”, a season of night terrors and horrific sleep walk-talk episodes wiped out by prayer warriors, holy water and nightly out-loud and I-mean-it prayers giving Christ full reign to cleanse our house and tormented child, as well as too-numerous-to-count unexpected blessings, including a house purchase and college degree completed.  These children have been covered in prayer their entire lives and they continue to be covered in prayer and offered up in Mass on the regular.

The comparison of myself to lies was dissipated as the podcast continued to its finish and The Holy Spirit showed me that we are all in this together.  He can use many various tools to encourage and fortify us in our battles as well as help us to discern Truth from lies.  There is no cookie-cutter solution in our Faith walk; God is here for us all in every aspect of our days.  Whatever that looks like.  And it looks different for each of us.  THANKS.  BE.  TO.  GOD!

God’s plans are so much more amazing than my own and He continues to show me time and again that He has “GOT THIS”.  This morning I heard a promise and continued assurance that He loves my children more than I do.  The promise and continued assurance that we have planted that seed deep and though we may not see the fruit, He is watering and fertilizing it.  Mama Mary wrapped me in her mantle and assured me that our efforts have not gone unanswered.  This battle was a win.

So this particular episode is probably not what Pat and Grace envisioned, however, what an amazing grace it bestowed.  I am thankful for technology, long walks and ear buds.   The methods Christ uses to draw us close, to trust in His truth, to encourage us along this path……what a gift.  Truly.

St. Silvia and St. Monica, pray for us.


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