Taxis, Teens and toddlers

This season of teenagers.  Involves a lot of taxi duty. Tonight was a typical night with lots of taxi-ing around.  Hubs started the patrol with getting our biggest girl to a couple of appointments right after school (breaking up his work afternoon).  I picked up our youngest after her FFEA meeting (in which she was voted President today—overachiever!).  We ran home for a hot minute and then picked up our girl from her last appointment and the girls and I headed off to Wednesday night youth group. After youth group, I dropped the girls off at home to start homework and showers and then doubled back to pick up our youngest son and his friend to deposit them at the beach.  To surf.  At 7:20pm.  On a school night.  Yes, I know it’s feeding time for sharks, but that’s usually a little more south of us.  Anyhoo.  (Hubby dropped him off earlier but my friend was at a work function, so I dropped off and she picked up post surf)  They were home by 8:15.  Shark bite free.

But youth group.  A.  HOOT.  These middle schoolers slay me.  Of course, we have the usual of people pushing limits and cracking jokes during the not so appropriate times, but they are participating.  Even our child who generally only joins in for “non speaking parts”, joined in.  The role playing, the Readings, the prayers of the Faithful.  These kids are genuine.  They might be goofballs, but they are so genuine.  The prayers they throw out from time to time—will break your heart and give you renewed faith in humanity in the a single breath, the questions they ask about lessons……seem silly but to a 11, 12 or 13 year old…’s not.  They really get that Moses did a lot of legwork to get to the Promised Land and didn’t get to enjoy it.  But.  On the bright side, he had some crazy, awesome power in the meantime.  Just look what he did with that staff.  And the miracles He was a part of because of his obedience to God.   It’s looking at the bible and faith and the example we set for these kids with fresh eyes.  And man I need some fresh eyes somedays.  Even if it means having to snatch up a whoopie cushion during the Gospel readings from time to time.  Fresh.

At home, after the day and evening commitments have been met, we were weeding through a box of old photos for an art project our daughter is working on.  Our oldest joins in and before I know it, all the kids have taken a stroll down memory lane with a “hey, I remember that party”, “that was my favorite board”, and so on.  I think several pictures were taken to share with friends and tack up on boards.  Where did my chubby cheeked babes go?  Missing teeth, crazy fashions, birthday cakes.  Yes.  That’s why I took all those pictures.  Because time flies and at least I can squeeze those little squishy thighs again, if just for a minute.

And tonight.  If just for a minute, after the taxi duty was done, we enjoyed a houseful of teenagers, relived some toddler moments and all were tucked in under one roof.  If just for a minute.  Well worth the lost hour of sleep to sit here in the living room soaking in this minute.


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