A new beginning

I’ve been blogging on my former blog for quite some time now (you can check it out on my Formerly known as page), however, in the past year the frequency of actual posting has declined.  Mainly because our kiddos are getting older and often I am so hesitant to actually talk about them as much; they are individuals who I respect and want them to know that our entire life doesn’t immediately get posted to the web.  The thing is, living a Christian life, I feel like we benefit so much from sharing ups, downs and sideways.  1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.

This is the kind of thinking that just continued to point me to basically starting over.  A little less “diary” and a little more faith and life sharing as it applies to us.  Maybe I can help encourage you and your season of “littles” or maybe  you can encourage me in your season of “empty nesting”.

I plan to moderate comments, as I’ve always done.  I’m fine with constructive conversation, but I think we’ve all seen how rude the interwebz can be on occasion so I just squash that:  be nice or don’t play.

I’m not making any grand promises, but how fun that I see there is a 31 writing day challenge so……maybe.

Day 1.  A work in progress, but I’ve got a jumping off point, so here I go!


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